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Established in 1973 by Gregory J. Farris and his father, Ralph W. Farris, Jr., Farris Law has been representing clients for more than 40 years. Since that time, Greg Farris has assembled a team of skilled attorneys and staff dedicated to serving the firm's clients. In 1995 he was joined by his son, Sean Farris, further extending the family tradition of legal service.

Whether you are a long time client of the firm or a new client, we endeavor to render prudent advice and counsel. Whether in the courtroom, handling negotiations or in preparing legal documents for our clients, we remain steadfast to our commitment to excellence.

Farris Law is now and has historically been a good neighbor within Gardiner and the surrounding area. We have a commitment to the area and in preserving its precious downtown. As diehard Red Sox fans, we even flew the curse-busting World Series trophy to remote areas of the state, so that it could be appreciated by all.

Farris Law is also committed to serving the interests of Maine people throughout the state. As a large rural state, we understand that travel may be necessary in order to reach all of our potential clients and we are willing to accommodate to the extent possible. As such, we continue to represent the interests of clients throughout the central, southern and northern regions of the state.

In order to provide excellent representation, Farris Law has enlisted many experienced attorneys and staff members to assist clients in seeking redress for injury, litigation, selling property, buying a business, drafting a will, or filing for divorce - Our size and experience allows you to work directly with the attorney representing you. Direct contact between you and your lawyer lets Farris Law serve you better.

Farris Law practice areas include; appellate law, civil litigation, personal injury, mediation, business law, estate and probate, family law (divorce and custody, as well as protection from abuse), employment and real estate.


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Corporate & Business Law

Estate Planning & Probate

Personal Injury


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