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Farris Law-The Gold Standard

Farris Law solves all types of problems. If your particular need is beyond our expertise we will make every attempt to refer you to a specialist.

Farris Law is a full-service law firm committed to providing the highest quality of legal representation to our clients. At Farris Law, we strive to be an active contributing member of the Gardiner and surrounding business communities. In order to fulfill our mission, our attorneys focus on the following factors:

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What We Offer


At Farris Law, there is no substitute for experience. Whether at the state or federal level, our attorneys have the years of education, training, and courtroom experience to offer our client the best representation possible



Farris Law is committed to offering clear and practical advice, while promptly responding to client calls, inquiries and needs. It is Farris Law's belief that clients have the right to be fully informed about their cases. Our attorneys are accessible, approachable, effective communicators, and good listeners. By selecting Farris Law, you are choosing professional, vigorous and fair representation.



At Farris Law, each attorney has access to state-of-the-art research materials and resources to properly prepare for each case. Farris Law understands the importance of being thoroughly prepared and professional because each case is unique and deserving of proper preparation. Our highly qualified and motivated administrative staff assists our attorneys in providing the quality customer service each client deserves.



The foundation of a successful community is based on establishing lasting relationships. Farris Law attorneys are active in the civic and business communities of central and southern Maine. The relationships built and maintained within the community have proven invaluable to our clients. These relationships have given our attorneys access to additional resources and options outside of Farris Law's wealth of resources.


Some Farris Law practice areas include: Divorce/Family Consulting and Mediation Services, Real Estate and Mortgage Lending Services, Corporate and Business Law, Estate Planning and Probate Law, Aviation, Mediation and Arbitration.

Why Farris Law?

Farris Law offers a full service law firm. In order to meet our clients’ diverse legal needs, we offer representation in a wide array of areas of law. These areas include real estate, family law, corporate, probate and estate planning. Unlike most firms, if we do not practice in an area of law that a client requires, we will work with the client to locate such a specialist and team with them to ensure the best possible result, at the lowest cost to our clients.

Greg Farris has more than 43 years of practicing law. Having practiced in criminal, civil litigation, probate, estate planning, real estate and business law, he has amassed a significant expertise to assist his clients in their personal and business pursuits. Most recently he has started a business consulting company that compliments his practice and that of his partners.

Another reason to select Farris Law is its people. We have a talented and dedicated team of professionals and staff, that happily and quickly respond to any issues or questions that our clients encounter. We stand ready to advocate for our clients and to provide honest, zealous representation on their behalf in the courtroom or otherwise.

In short, our team looks forward to serving our clients with excellence and compassion.

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